Chet Atkins-"Great Hits Of The Past" 1983


1. Chet's Medley (4:28)
2. Sweet Dreams (2:50)
3. Amos Moses (2:45)
4. Abilene (2:45)
5. That's What I Get For Loving You (2:45)
6. Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) (2:45)
7. And I Love You So (3:00)
8. Java (2:35)
9. Detroit City (3:10)
10. The Three Bells (3:10)


Chet Atkins: Guitar
Lenny Breau: Guitar
David Briggs: Piano
James Warner Ferguson: Bass
Randy Goodrum: Piano
Rob Hajacos: Fiddle
David Hungate: Bass
Jerry Kroon: Drums
David Lawbaugh: Drums
Terry McMillan: Harmonica
Joe Osborn: Bass
Dennis Solee: Saxophone
Bobby Thompson: Rhythm Guitar
Paul Yandell: Guitar

Released in 1983 on RCA Records. Catalog Number: AHL1-4724