John Allan Cameron-

"Lord Of The Dance" 1972


1. Lord Of The Dance
2. Trip To Mabu Ridge
3. Elizabeth Lindsey Meets Ronald MacDonald
4. Streets Of London
5. The Patriot Game
6. I Can't Tell You
7. Glasgow Police Pipers/Donald Willie And His Dog
8. Dirty Old Man
9. Mist Covered Mountains
10. Robbies Song For Jesus


Aileen Ahern
Brian Ahern
Trish Ahern
Micky Andrews
Bonnie Backlash
Jesse Ann Beaton
Skip Beckwith
Lenny Breau: Guitar
Linn Carrol
Cathy Cassel
Andy Cree
Barry Ewen
Paul Grady
Tommy Graham
Ben Keith
Pat Riccio Jr.
Bill Speer
Brently Titcomb

Released in 1972 on Columbia Records. Catalog Number: ELS-383