Jimmy Dale Adventure-"Soft And Groovy" 1968


1. Bye Bye
2. I Should Care (With Lenny Breau)
3. Night Song
4. Norwegian Wood (With Lenny Breau)
5. Guanabara
6. You'd Better Love Me
7. Cidade Vazia
8. Here, There And Everywhere
9. Music To Watch Girls By (With Lenny Breau)
10. Triste
11. The Look Of Love (With Lenny Breau)
12. Wave


Eugene Amaro: Flute, Saxophone
Peter Appleyard: Percussion
Hugh Barclay: Percussion
Mary Barrow: French Horn
Guido Basso: Trumpet
Walter Bebiak: Strings
Ed Bickert: Guitar
Gary Binstead: Bass
Lenny Breau: Guitar (Tracks 2, 4, 9, and 11)
Jimmy Dale: Piano, Organ
John Duncan: Harp
Sonny Greenwich: Guitar
Ron Hughes: Trombone
Don Johnson: Trumpet
Moe Koffman: Flute, Saxophone
Ron Laurie: Strings
Rob McConnell: Trombone
Jack Neilson: Strings
Bernie Piltch: Flute, Saxophone
Jim Pirie: Guitar
Marcel Ray: Strings
Howie Reay: Drums
Bill Richards: Strings
Ted Roderman: Trombone
Stan Soloman: Strings
Jack Taylor: Baritone
Jerry Toth: Flute, Saxophone
Erich Traugott: Trumpet
Don Whitton: Strings
Cornelius Ysselstyn: Strings

Released in 1968 on Capitol Records. Catalog Number: CBC LM-40/SN 6290